The days of rigid, large-scale manufacturing and a cookie-cutter approach to retailing are behind us. With 80% of consumers saying they’re more likely to purchase from a brand that offers personalised experiences, FMCG companies need to gain a more in-depth understanding of what, when and where consumers are buying to ensure growth. The challenge is not only accumulating, and then analysing customer data, but also to provide meaningful, tailored experiences – and the right range of products - based on that data. Success here can have a huge impact on engagement and brand perception among Millennials and Gen Z, but also older shoppers too.

During this evening, the Executive Leaders Network will dive into the following topics:-

  • How personalisation can nurture shopper loyalty with Millennial and GenZ consumers
  • What can be learnt from the successes of trailblazing sportswear, and food & drink brands
  • The importance of sales-per-channel analyses
  • Using Geo-marketing to make shoppers feel understood, and improve the chances of a message reaching a certain customer at the right time
  • How localization can feed into an extraordinary customer experience
  • How companies can raise awareness of the uniqueness of their brands